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IQS™3 Now Available!

Over the past two years i2i Network has been working to update both the hardware (QPort™) and software of the Interactive Query System. We are proud to announce the release of the IQS™3, the latest and most advanced system of its kind. The IQS™3 is designed with improved reliability, efficiency, and maintainability. It preserves the traditional functionality of the IQS™2 while increasing overall performance. Many are already enjoying the benefits of this new system. Contact us today to learn how you can own the latest version of the IQS™. Click here for upgrade and purchasing details.

Note: The IQS™3 requires Windows Vista, 7 or 8. It cannot run on Windows XP.

Software updates include:

-Report writer has been upgraded and debugged

-New “print screen” function located in Client and Session windows

-Focus search functions improved to eliminate unnecessary key strokes

-Screen display compatible with wider screen formats

-Updated library with thousands of new entries including new supported procedures and query methods

-Changed color schemes of query modes to increase quality of reports and make it easier to interpret results

QPort updates include:

-More modern appearance

-USB port powered (no need for battery or charger)

-Lighter weight

-More portable

-New “Transfer” function

-Probes and hand mass now use common stereo cables

-Improved quality of output

-“Imprint” function now independent of the Focus plate