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Education and Training

Computer assisted Interrogatory Biofeedback (IBF) may be the most important tool that you will use during the course of your healthcare career. Since its introduction in the mid 1970's, many have mastered and benefited from this technology. It has become an indispensable part of any practice.

The Interactive Query System (IQS), developed and distributed by i2i, Inc., is the most powerful implementation of IBF technology. Substantial results may be achieved when users of the IQS have a thorough understanding of the methods and theory behind IBF interviews and associated methods of remediation.

The scope and utility of IBF technology is extremely broad. Users often discover improved methods and new areas of application. We expect ourselves and our users to continually be learning and improving in this field. i2i Network is dedicated to contributing to your continual advancement.

Our educational program consists of:

-Foundational and continuing education seminars

-Internet training sessions (webinars)

-Publication of procedural guidelines

-Phone support

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Educational Seminar and Training Session Overview:

Foundations of Interactive Health Care

(20 hrs, plus home study)

A quick-start introduction to Interactive Comprehensive Health Care.

During this three day workshop, presented by Dr. Curtin and others, (link to HRC bio) you will:

-Learn to take a measurement on any of 10 hand points (electro-dermal testing methods)

-Be introduced to a model of Comprehensive Healthcare

-Understand the theory and art of Interrogatory Biofeedback

-Become comfortable with the IQS IBF software while developing the basic skills necessary to conduct a variety of IBF sessions.

-Understand Dr. Curtin's model of directed Attention Therapies; including Homeopathy and a wide variety of other popular modalities.

-Learn how to conduct a set of comprehensive stress surveys that will help you and your client understand his/her strengths and weakness.

-Understand how to quickly evaluate diet and supplements.

-Learn how to conduct a comprehensive IBF session with an emphasis on nutrition and viability support.

IQS Methods and Topics series

These seminars are presented 3 or 4 times a year, and vary in content. They are intended for those who have mastered the basic skills and are ready to learn more ways to use the IQS system and to explore particular aspects of health in greater detail. These sessions are hosted by Dr. Curtin but will often include guest instruction from individuals with useful information about the session topic.


The Empowering Health Practice

(3 hrs)

This introductory presentation may be presented to groups of interested persons as requested. It covers:

-The History Science and Methods of Interrogatory Biofeedback

-Introduction to the science of intelligence and its expression--Life.

-Comprehensive Functional medicine, an overview

-Tools for analysis

-Clinical strategies

Instructor Bio:

Dr. H. Roy Curtin received his Ph.D. in Physics from Brigham Young University in 1971. His research has included nuclear physics, solid state, quantum physics, wave mechanics, electronics, ultrasound, biomedical device research, energy research, and theoretical physics and biophysics. His work has been sponsored by: the Atomic Energy Commission, the General Electric Co., Battelle Memorial Institute, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the N.I.H., N.A.S.A, N.S.F and other corporate and private funding.

He has been on the faculty of the University of Utah Medical School, the Rochester Institute of Technology and has had adjunct appointments with Brigham Young University and Utah Valley State College. He served as Director of Information Systems and Computing for the State of Utah and for many years had a private consulting business in medical physics, and in new technology evaluation.


In the 1970's Dr Curtin and associates created the first computerized IBF system. He is presently Founder and President of i2i, Inc., an organization dedicated to advancing the cause of effective nondestructive health care.




Webinar Internet Training Session Overview:

IQS™ Foundations Webinars are held every Tuesday at 11:00AM MDT

These webinars are hosted by Jill Walton, Director of Sales and Education at i2i, Inc. since 2007 and Certified Nutritionist/IQS™ Practitioner & Educator

Webinars are conducted through and require an invitation. If you would like to receive an invitation to this week's webinar please email Jill Walton at:

Webinar recordings are available upon request. Simply email Jill with "ATTN: Jill Webinar Recordings" in the subject line. Indicate the topic that you would like to receive. Topics are repeated every 10 weeks and include:

-Nutrition Consultation

-Adding & Editing the IQS™ Library

-IQS™ Software Tour

-Resolving Intolerances

-Calibration Test & Query Modes

-Health Condition Report

-Emotional Vitality Portfolio

-Herbs & Aromatic Oils

-Focus Search Techniques

-IQS™ Reports

-Tools & Transfer Function